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About Us

String Theory School of Music was founded in 2007 by Chris and Amy Leigh.  Chris, a professional guitarist and private music instructor since 1987, joined forces with his wife, a high school teacher, to create their vision for an ideal place to learn and work.  From the start, String Theory was not a music store.  The Leighs were determined that they would never look at students as fuel for a retail outlet. They have consistently added products and services only at the request and suggestion of their students. "Students are the focus here.  Our job is to provide everything they need to have a great experience."

The Leighs, along with daughter Charlotte, began their adventure in a small basement office space in East Lyme.  Rolling up their sleeves, the family renovated and furnished their space on a shoestring budget and began their quest to change the way students engage in private music instruction.  Stressing both learning and application, they began their monthly coffee houses soon after opening.  Their YouTube page now boasts over 1000 student performances!

Determined to build a school where instructors embrace cutting edge teaching methods along with a superlative dedication to the quality of their performaces, the Leighs extended offers to join their staff with care.  At String Theory, instructors must demonstrate the capacity for consistently delivering the highest quality of musicianship AND teaching practices.  

Monthly coffee houses, individualized instruction in any style of music, comprehensive services, and team teaching require that our teachers go above and beyond the call of duty to serve the needs of their students.  That's why only the best, most flexible, most creative people we can find are asked to join our staff.  Our teachers are here to help our students learn, perform, write, and record the music they love. Your goals are our goals.  We are here for you.

By 2010, String Theory had grown enough to move to their new location in Niantic.  With the help of dozens of friends, including teachers, students, and family members, the Leighs built out their new studio and made a fresh start.    Part of that new beginning was the awarding of String Theory's first full year student scholarship.  Now that scholarship is an annual award with funds administered by the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut.  To contribute to our program to provide deserving students with free music lessons, please visit www.cfect.org to make a donation.

With plans for expanded services and opportunities for our community, we are excited for the future, and we sing out our philosophy loud and clear.  At String Theory, Life is Music, and the music you love is the music you learn.


String Theory School of Music is a student-centered school, where everyone is allowed and encouraged to progress at the pace which is right for them with the help and guidance of their musical mentor.  

We use a flexible variety of methods to provide a comprehensive approach to music education while respecting the needs of each player. In addition to an emphasis on the fundamentals of musicianship, (reading, writing, and music theory), we teach and encourage students to improvise and perform in a variety of styles.  

Since Application is the most critical part of the learning process, monthly Coffee Houses give String Theory students informal opportunities to rehearse and perform in a warm and supportive atmosphere. Also, participation in our ensemble programs provides regular group playing experience and invaluable insight from our Ensemble Coaches, who are performers.  

Our dynamic staff of instructors are always looking for ways to help and inspire students to achieve their personal musical goals because at String Theory, Life is Music!