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Studio Sessions

Educational Sessions or  Professional Recording

Sign up for a private instruction on the ins and outs of sound engineering and recording in our brand new studio using Pro Tools. 


Rent professional studio time 

See below for more details...

Learn from the best...

Our instructor Noah Feldman not only teaches music lessons but is also our Sound Engineer ​expert here at the school. He graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a bachelors in Audio and Music production.

 He has experience in tracking/engineering, session playing on guitar/bass/keys/vocals/drums, mixing and mastering in a variety of styles.

    ⁃    Proficient in Pro Tools and Logic Pro 

Noah can teach basic recording (signal chain, gain staging, microphone placement, basic software skills) mixing, mastering, advanced recording, arranging/sound design, synthesis, etc.


Lessons occur weekly and operate within a

6-month lesson contract

*2 weeks of discounted Trial Lessons are available before entering your first lesson contract

30 Minute Trial Lesson (2)

25.00$ Per Class

50.00 $ Total (2 weeks of Trials)

60 Minute Trial Lesson (2)

50.00$ Per Class

100.00 $ Total  (2 weeks of Trials)

30 Minute Lesson Contract

40.00$ Per Class

1970.00 Total (24 Lessons including 50.00$ registration fee)

60 Minute Lesson Contract

80.00$ Per Class

1970.00 Total (24 Lessons including 50.00$ registration fee)

Record your music

Looking for a place to record? Talk with Chris and Noah to book studio time for your next project. Studio recording time is custom scheduled based on the individual project.

Our Equipment

  • Mac Studio running Pro Tools Studio, Logic Pro X

  • Plugins from Waves, iZotope, Arturia, and others

  • Sennheiser microphones

  • Steinway Model O grand piano

Noah's Recent Projects

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